House District 49


Emma Kerr-Carpenter is a resident of House District 49. During the 2019 legislative session she fought to defend healthcare for all Montanans, protect the environment, and strengthen public education. She’s actively involved in her faith congregation, Billings First Congregational Church, and serves on the board of Northern Plains Resource Council. She is also a proud member of Forward Montana.


Emma and her husband, Dan, are planning to raise their kids in Billings. She wants the Montana they grow up in to reflect the values that make this place home—neighbors helping neighbors. 



I believe that ensuring a dignified and stable standard of living and care for all is our baseline obligation to our fellow Montanans. Fully funding mental health services and quality education is a critical start, but we must also find creative ways to go beyond the bare minimum.


As a legislator, I've fought for policies that honor our collective obligation to our children, families and elders like:

  • Expanded health and mental health care 

  • Universal preschool 

  • Quality daycare for every Montana child 

  • Truly affordable higher education

  • Protecting our public lands


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Emma Kerr-Carpenter | Democrat  

Michael Muberry, Treasurer

425 Burlington Ave, Billings, MT 59101